Niki Paton

Marketing Executive

Niki is a seasoned professional with a background in International Business Marketing and Advertising, having excelled in her post-secondary education. Her remarkable academic achievements, coupled with a knack for delivering tangible results, have afforded her collaborations with industry giants spanning the automotive sector, music festivals, professional sports organizations, and more. 

Embracing the challenge of rebranding and team growth, Niki eagerly assumed a pivotal role with The Colby Team. Her forte lies in crafting and executing strategic marketing plans that generate substantive deals, avoiding the common pitfalls of generating irrelevant leads. Specializing in social media content that translates into tangible business outcomes, Niki distinguishes herself by producing results over time-wasting inquiries.

Niki's ability to balance the broader vision with meticulous execution has propelled her to industry leadership. Her proven track record involves catalyzing the growth of businesses through innovative marketing strategies. While Niki's expertise lies in Business Marketing, she seamlessly provides crucial support to the Director of Operations, contributing significantly to the organization's seamless functioning.

Driven by new opportunities, Niki has discovered a passion for New Home Sales, leveraging her access to leading pre-construction developments from the Niagara Region to Prince Edward County. Her multifaceted skills and dedication to both business marketing and operational support make Niki an invaluable asset to The Colby Team.